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Over 175,000 Satisfied Customers Can't Be Wrong

Since the first event in May 1999, nearly two hundred thousand car buyers from coast-to-coast have purchased and saved big money on a used vehicle at a Repo Joe® Sale. A great selection of quality preowned vehicles at incredibly affordable prices- all being sold in a festive environment is what it’s all about. You may never have this much fun buying a car ever again! Come see why so many people love Repo Joe®!

SUV? Convertible? Pickup Truck? Crossover? We've Probably Got It!

The number of repos, trade-ins, lease returns, fleet vehicles and trade-ins across the country are at an all time high. Use our Find a Used Car Tool to see what's available in your area today! Searching is fast and free with no obligation to buy.

Your Current Vehicle Has Never Been Worth More

Used cars are always in big demand and that means yours is probably worth a lot more than you thought. Value your used car right now and see just how much you can get for it today.

There's no cost or obligation for this service. Plus, it doesn't matter how old your car may be, or even how much you may still owe on it - onsite appraisers are ready to pay you big money to buy it from you - and that’s even if you don’t buy a vehicle from the dealer!