Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Repossessed Vehicle Save Me Money?

There are several reasons why buying a repo at the Repo Joe® Sale allows you to save money. For one, new cars and trucks depreciate thousands of dollars the minute you drive it off the lot. These vehicles have already had that depreciation taken from their selling price, plus, a portion of each vehicle has already been paid for by the original owner.

I've Seen Other Repo Sales In My Area. What Makes This One Different?

The Repo Joe® Sale is regulated to meet certain standards. Unlike the numerous imitations, the event administrators of the Repo Joe® Sale require participating dealers to meet strict guildelines concerning inventory quantity, pricing and marketing.

What Kind Of Cars Are Available?

As you might expect, many of the vehicles that are repossessed are among the most popular in the country. While we can't guarantee dozens of Honda Accords, Ford Explorers and Toyota Camry's at every disposal point, it stands to reason that since there are more of these sold new, there are a lot of them available at the Repo Joe® Sale. The best way to see what may be available that fits your particular needs is to let your local dealer know that you're looking for. Click on the left of the city nearest you and use the Find a Car link. If your vehicle is available, the disposal point will contact you with the details (price,etc.)

Do I Have To Buy A Vehicle If I Use The "Find A Car" Search Function?

Absolutely not.'s Find A Car function is designed to let you know if a specific vehicle that you desire is available at the sale site in your area. This service is free and there is no obligation to buy any vehicle if and when you use it.

Am I Obligated To Sell My Car If I'm Given A Quote?

Again, not at all. Our Sell Your Car function is designed to let you inquire about the value of your current vehicle with no obligation to sell it when you are made an offer.

Why Doesn't The "Find A Car" Search Form Instantly Pull Up A List Of Inventory?

The typical Repo Joe® Sale usually lasts no more than two or three days. Integrating with the numerous dealerships' inventory control software and databases for such short periods of time is cost-prohibitive, and in some cases, simply not possible.

However, all Repo Joe® Sale dealers assign an internet manager to administer the Find A Car search function of this site. All inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently so that you can know the inventory situation before you arrive at the sale site.

How Can Repo Joe® Be In So Many Places At The Same Time?

He's magic! Okay, not really. Repo Joe® has a team of automotive professionals that he has trained to help dealers during the Repo Joe® Sales that occur simultaneously across the country. The Repo Joe® Sale has become high in demand with both customers and dealers alike. When it became apparent he could no longer attend every event, he made sure only the best and most professional automotive veterans would be used to represent him.

My Car Was Repossessed. Can Repo Joe® Help Me Find It?

Unfortunately, probably not. Even if your vehicle is offered for sale at a Repo Joe® event, you'll need to contact the lender that invoked the repossession order.